I have been an IT professional since 1987 when I first starting work as a programmer and over the years I progressed to Systems and Network Management with the past twenty of them spent in IT Management.

I have built up a wealth of experience and industry contacts during all that time and I have worked in sectors including legal, insurance, manufacturing and managing systems for many household names including Rank-Hovis-McDougall.

I am also a qualified FE lecturer and taught at evening classes for nearly 10 years at Preston College, Runshaw College and Blackpool and The Fylde College – so I am very keen on using a ‘no jargon’/‘plain English’ approach to computing. 

My career has been an extremely interesting one which has seen so many technological advances including the growth in popularity of the Internet and mobile devices and I've enjoyed seeing people go from never dreaming of using a computer to saying “How did I ever manage without one?!!”  And I might add ‒ although it might not be a surprise ‒ I'm regarded as the 'computer doctor' for my family and friends!

What has always concerned me though is the lack of knowledgeable and honest help generally available both in the business sector and for individual computer users ‒ especially when I hear about the experiences of others. 

For years I expected that a company would eventually fill that gap but it simply hasn’t happened – and the choice still largely remains between using:

Large Stores ‒ where the lack of knowledge is surprising and solvable problems are often just treated as a sales opportunity


A local "PC fix it guy" ‒ when trusting to a hobbyist can lead to unnecessary risks being taken with your system and precious personal data. 

Both options are far from ideal and can result in being VERY, VERY expensive in the long-run.  And not just financially but from loss of irreplaceable, personal data.

For the above reasons I’ve now decided it’s finally time to provide a real alternative for individuals and local businesses by offering a service with good 'old fashioned’ values  ‒  i.e. One which is professional, knowledgeable, honest, jargon-free and gives impartial advice at very reasonable cost. 

I am fully insured and all work is guaranteed so please either telephone or send me an e-mail.

Tel: 0845 4024899 Tel: 07840 386200

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